Opal Rough & Rubs

For cutters looking for the right parcel for their next cutting session...

Opal Rough or Rubs for your cutting needs

Over the past several years, I have been able to acquire quite a large variety of rough opals.  From grades ranging from $25/oz to $25,000/oz, and varying from white, crystal, semi-crystal, grey, black opal rough and black crystal base.

If you have a preference in your price range, type, quality, size etc, I can find something for you.  Contact me with any inquiries and I will send photos. of possible parcels of rough, or rubbed, opal that will fit your needs.


Rubbed Opal Parcels

Pre-shaped rough opal ready for you to finish cutting and polishing. Also opal rough which has just revealed color, and still needs to be shaped and polished

Opal Rough

Rough Opal parcels available in a range of prices, sizes, quality, and types.